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Expanding into overseas markets is a very exciting, and potentially very fruitful, step in the development of your business. It is important that you make this step right, however. If you plan to import or export goods or services, or work with business partners overseas, for example, you need to know your legal responsibilities, such as licenses and taxes. You will also need to understand the different cultures and demands of your new markets.

Help you getting started

Importing goods, outsourcing overseas, exporting your goods and services, and establishing international business partners are all potentially effective ways to develop your business by making the most of overseas markets. We are here to help you learn the basics of doing business overseas - such as advice on the trading practices, regulations and standards you will need to meet.

Take over European Business Opportunities

Our team will help to identify business opportunities, provide advice and support for accessing European markets, find information on European legislation and market research, help you find potential business partner - including customers, suppliers and distributors, and provide information on international trade shows. Our team will work with you to define your needs, proactively look for suitable partners, qualify potential leads and support the negotiation process. We can also help to identify any of relevant funding streams.